Launch of Sentio Dash and Debugger on Sui

5 min readApr 12, 2024


Sentio launches Dash and Debugger products on Sui. Sentio has been a strong infrastructure provider that offers indexer, data analytics and monitoring capabilities for Sui ecosystems. One of our recent work is an open source project called TypeMove, which helps to generate type bindings for Move contracts and allows developers to ship safer and faster.

With support from the Sui Foundation and Mysten Labs, Sentio now launches two new products that further elevates developer and user experience on Sui.

Sentio Dash

Dash is a serverless, permissionless data platform that offers a flexible data schema, best-in-class dashboards, and fast query speed for custom projects. Dash enables users to explore Sui data with a click-and-drag experience; it also allows teams to access, collaborate, and utilize the data at an enterprise scale.

With Dash, you can start explore the Sui data following the steps below.

Explore dashboards

Once a user opens the Dash website, you can view all the public dashboards set up by other users. Search, filter and bookmark dashboards to navigate inside Dash!

If you want to know more about a dashboard, you can click into it to see the real-time updates and drill down to view other details in each chart.

Create a dashboard

For users who want to spin up your own dashboard. You can create a dashboard from the navigation bar placed at the top. Once a dashboard is created, you can add a panel located in the top-right corner.

Dash provides a click-and-drag experience for users to create charts without writing codes, which helps to democratize the data to everyone in the team. This unlocks teams to use data to improve products, marketing, and many other areas without spending much effort.

One example is that you can get the daily active users of swap events across all Dexes using functions provided in Dash and save it as a chart in your project.

For teams needing complex custom queries, Dash provides SQL widgets where you can get results in table or other chart types. Note that Dash adopts ClickHouse SQL, which is known for its performance in executing complex analytical queries on massive datasets.

Dash supports time series database as well, this provides a blazing fast experience when you want to query time-based queries, e.g. show ing cumulative values or monitor some incidents.

Create a query

For users who just want to create an ad hoc query, you can simply click SQL Editor in the navigation bar, and write queries with existing datasets. You can add a query to a dashboard at a later time.

Export as API

For all charts created in Dash, you can export it as an API. This provides a serveless approach for users who do not want to maintain the database and backend, and yet they can still preview the results and use all different functions provided in Dash. Dash API currently supports 100 QPS (query per second).

Custom data source

Dash encourages the community to create more public datasets, so that other users could benefit from it. If you would like to contribute, feel free to reach out to the Sentio team.

Sentio Debugger

Sentio Debugger is the first advanced debugger on the Sui ecosystem that helps developers inspect and iterate smart contracts with an intuitive experience. It provides all the details of a transaction with unparalleled clarity. Sentio Debugger could help both beginners who are interested in learning more about the contract execution details and advanced engineers to identify issues with a strong productivity boost.

Sentio’s new product launch on Sui provides users with a new data and dev tooling stack to explore and build in the Sui ecosystem.

Simply going to the Sentio debugger page, entering the transaction digest, users can view the detailed transaction information and traces of that transaction.

Dashboard Challenge

To celebrate the launch of Dash on Sui, Sentio has sponsored prizes for the creation of useful dashboards on Dash.

Prize 1: Single Dex Analysis

Create a dashboard for one of the Dex project on Dash. You could choose any single Dex you are interested at. You can refer to the Dex Analysis to understand how charts are created based on Dex dataset. You are strongly encouraged to add more analysis perspectives in your dashboard. Make this dashboard useful, comprehensive, and visually appealing.

The top five submissions will get 50 SUI each, for a total of 250 SUI distributed.

Prize 2: Vertical Analysis

Create a dashboard for either Sui Lending or Sui Staking on Sentio’s Dash that covers at least the top three projects in the vertical. Make this dashboard useful, comprehensive, and visually appealing. Note you would need to upload your own processor to collect data in this task.

The top three submissions in each vertical will receive prizes: 300 SUI to the top dashboard, 200 SUI to the second-place dashboard, and 100 SUI to the third-place dashboard, for a total of 1200 SUI distributed.

The winners will be announced in Sentio’s Twitter/X account.

Deadline: April 20, 2024 at 8:00am UTC.

Submission: Submit your dashboard link to @is_ye on Telegram

Criteria: Sentio team will judge your dashboard on the basis of its completeness and depth

Support: if you have any questions on the challenge, you can reach out to @is_ye on Telegram.




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