Partnership with Pyth

2 min readFeb 8, 2024


At Sentio, we are committed to provide fast, reliable data experience to users. We work together with Pyth to use data to drive growth.

We are proud to receive $PYTH tokens from their Restrospective Airdrop program. #PoweredByPyth



  • Sentio is a developer-first tool that makes observability in crypto easier. Our product suite covers indexer, analytics, single-stepping debugger/simulator and code search.
  • We have been partnering with Pyth to capture on chain data and help with growth analytics.
  • We will continue to improve the data reliability further and improve the support for multiple chains.

Future Plans or Collaborations

  • We will be exploring more frontier use cases in collaboration with Pyth, where data infra could bring further benefits to end users.

About Pyth

A Little About Sentio

Sentio is an observability platform for crypto apps. Sentio generates metrics, logs, and traces from smart contracts data through our low code solution, which could be used for anaytics & monitoring, simulate/debug transactions, data export API and more. Sentio is built by veteran engineers from Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, and TikTok, and backed by top investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners, Hashkey Capital, and Canonical Crypto.

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End-to-end observability platform to help you gain insights, secure assets and troubleshoot transactions for your decentralized applications.