Sentio and Astar Network Enhance Observability in the Community

2 min readMar 13, 2023



We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration between Sentio, a leader in Web3 observability solutions, and Astar Network, a scalable decentralised blockchain for the next big Web3 innovations. This collaboration will enable better development and growth of the Dapps in the Astar Network ecosystem.

Collaboration Details

As part of this collaboration, Sentio will provide its industry-leading observability tools to the Astar Network, allowing a dev-friendly approach to monitoring, analyzing, and diagnose of the smart contracts in the platform, starting with EVM. This will enable the Astar Network community to better gain the visibility of their applications, and identify issues more quickly, with all the context needed in one platform.

Benefits for Community

The ecosystem has long awaited a solution for easy-to-use data analytics and monitoring. By leveraging Sentio’s observability solutions, Astar Network Dapps can easily handle these. Use cases include ‘click-and-drag’ data analysis without writing complex queries, more flexibility to collect your own data, and live monitoring and alerts to secure assets. Read more about Sentio on our docs.

Observability is critical for ensuring the growth and development of decentralised applications. By working together with Sentio, Astar Network is demonstrating its commitment to providing best-in-class toolings for developers and users alike. This collaboration will help drive innovation and advancement within the industry, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

A Little About Sentio

Sentio is an observability platform for Web3. We are pushing the limits of both time series and relational databases and using them together to give great experiences to our users. Sentio generates metrics, logs, and traces from existing smart contracts data through our low code solution, which could be used to build dashboards, set up alerts, analyze user behaviors, create API/Webhooks, simulate/debug transactions, and more. Sentio supports Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, and Aptos and more chains. Sentio is built by veteran engineers from Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, and TikTok, and backed by top investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners, Hashkey Capital, and Canonical Crypto.

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