Sentio Q2 Product Update

3 min readAug 8, 2023



Welcome to Sentio’s inaugural product update. Join us as we delve into the thrilling advancements we’ve achieved in Sentio during Q2.

1. New Features

We’re thrilled to unveil a lineup of major product announcements this quarter:

Sentio Debugger

Navigating and troubleshooting transactions in the crypto world can be challenging. Sentio’s pioneering single-stepping debugger is designed to demystify the process. Gain full visibility into transaction metadata, contracts, events, states, balance changes, fund flow, call traces, and more. Presently available on the Ethereum mainnet. (Reach out if you’re eager to see it on other chains!)

Transaction Explorer

Unearth the transaction details you seek effortlessly. Visit or click the sidebar within Simply input the transaction hash and unlock comprehensive information with a few clicks.

Single-stepping Debugger

When a function-level debugger falls short, our single-stepping debugger shines. Explore transaction `0xf86a40d6421b7b0f29a6baacd8d11e1d2444dd4974e4cf554a367c95fdb1d79c` from Blur as a case in point. Pinpoint the exact condition leading to a revert.

Set breakpoints, inspect variables and expressions with ease. Seamlessly handle these tasks within the debugger.

User Segmentation (Accounts)

You can segment users based on their on-chain behaviors! You can find numbers of users performed certain action and check who these users are by choosing easy-to-use filters and conditions. e.g. Find out who are the users that spend more than 10 dollar in both of cetus and turbos dapps on Sui. Dive into their activities pre and post-interaction for insightful marketing, content, and product enhancements.

SQL Editor

Your requests have been answered. Our SQL editor simplifies complex, custom queries. Export queries with a single click, generating data query APIs for frontend integration in seconds.

User Page — Plan Usage Details & Billing

For active Sentio users, detailed usage tracking is now accessible in the User Panel — Plan Details & Billing.

Newcomers can seamlessly subscribe to plans via self-service.

2. Enhancements


  • Support Discord and PagerDuty
  • Ability to mute an alert for a period of time
  • Alert templating: message can be customised with templates

3. Community and User Spotlight

Chain Support

In May, we embraced Sui’s initial mainnet launch, embracing its vibrant community and feedback. Despite a mere two months since Sui’s launch, many projects onboarded Sentio. The road ahead promises more excitement!

In the midst of Jul, we supported Conflux, Linea and Mantle right after their mainnet launch.

User Spotlight

July saw our esteemed partner, Thala, a leading CDP and DEX on Aptos, spotlight Sentio in a data-driven blog. Discover why Thala chose Sentio and how it fuels their business.

Stay tuned for more as Sentio continues its journey at the forefront of innovation. Your support keeps us inspired! 🚀




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